Many have been attracted to board sports- surfing, paddle boarding of recent. 


...The fun, exhilaration, and excitement... Totally natural, and reflective of the surfer lifestyle. As we step out of our everyday norms- work, family life, and whatever it may represent, we find the purity and harmony in the surf is like none other. 


The frequency of life that resonates so easily when we are surfing, is something we all identify with, however briefly, it seems like it brings us closer to mother earth- playing amongst her waves, cavorting in the winds, something so very natural and gracious of it- a gift without words. 


Further out, is that resonance, even more celestial, you just have to feel it. 


Our mission is simple: To provide access, wherever you might be, to those surf vehicles, that allows you to embrace that experience, that feeling. Those boards, those vehicles of expression, is all we do, and all we have done since 1976... just the pure elements. 


We are much more than people who decided to jump onto the latest craze and sell a few boards. We live, breathe, and eat board design. Those subtle elements that all make the board work- planform shapes, rocker lines, chine, tail configuration, fin placement, We enjoy a relationship with some of the best shapers, designers and surfers on the planet- a relationship spanning decades, and a relationship we bring to you. 


A board from us is more than just a dollar value- a product purchased. It's an experience that transcends words, and takes you somewhere else. 


... You'll know when you get there... 


-- The Board Zone Team 


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